The ZUV is an electric bicycle that can be produced economically and locally.

ZUV demonstrates a new alternative for environmental friendly traffic in the city. ZUV enables more transport options than bicycle, scooter and the car and also helps traffic flow more smoothly, as due to its small footprint (2x1m), bicycle lanes may be used, depending on local road traffic regulations.
In 2020 a first protoytpe was build, EOOS NEXT then reached out to local and international specialists to work on optimization of the power unit and the overall design and producibility of the baseplate (3d printed from recycled plastic). Currently the next generation of ZUV is being produced and assembled at EOOS NEXTs workshop and will be ultimately used  as a demonstrator vehicle to be introduced to future partners (eg. producers, communities, mobility providers).
Ecological aspects:
The ZUV is a is a compact electronic lightweight vehicle with up to four seats, which can be built, improved, and repaired in small, local workshops by means of an open design license. To a 3d printed baseplate locally sourced components such as wheels and batteries are mounted, enabling simple modifications to the performance and overall (site specific) look.
Social / post pandemic aspects:
During the lockdowns related to the COVID 19 pandemic, families avoiding public transportation experience few alternatives to cars.  New established bike lanes have revealed new opportunities for sharing bikes and cars in the streetscape. The ZUV design concept is a space-saving alternative for mobility in the city, a vessel offering enough room for transporting both goods and or people.
Due to its elevated height, the ZUV also offers comfortable access for elderly people on a front bench.

Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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