YOU MAY is a workspace, a bench, a meeting point, a bar and stage for the urban public space.

After the Covid Pandemic, people finally want to meet, hug and be with each other again. Fidel Peugeot & Karl Emilio Pircher

“Probably nobody has noticed that this piece of furniture is actually evil- because it makes all those old benches in the shadows look rather shabby! Nobody will use them anymore, they will be deserted! This piece does the exact opposite, it says: Hey, you look good! Come here, come to me!” Gregor Eichinger, architect and professor at ETH Zurich about YOU MAY

YOU MAY be outdoor/ indoor furniture
Which furniture for the public space meets the requirements of 21st century’s urban citizens? Walking-Chair asked this question and the answer was not satisfying at all: There were almost no places for the modern homo sapiens to communicate, to meet or interact except of shaky, old park benches or restaurant tables which commit to consume drinks or food. Tired of the urban boredom, Walking-Chair designed YOU MAY, a furniture item which fulfills the needs of modern communication by providing space to talk, to work interactively, to relax, to party and many more. The weather proof coating and the solid weight make YOU MAY an ideal furniture piece for all types of public space. It perfectly works in a train station waiting hall as well as in front of an Alpine chalet up in the mountains.

YOU MAY be a working space
YOU MAY be a public desk
YOU MAY be a relaxing spot
YOU MAY be a stage
YOU MAY be a meeting point
YOU MAY be a city bench
YOU MAY be a café bar
YOU MAY be a beer garden table
YOU MAY be a Landebahn (landing runaway)
YOU MAY be a private space
YOU MAY be a market place
YOU MAY be high tech
YOU MAY be a missing link
YOU MAY be the future

+++Technical specification:

YOU MAY consists of 4 elements which can be easily assembled.
Size (L/W/H): 350x250x175cm / Gross weight: approx. 350kg / Seat height: 45/60cm / Desk height: 115cm

The static calculation was confirmed on April 16, 2009 by the certified engineer Ernst Ringsmuth, Vienna (Austria).

YOU MAY material:Core: Birch plywood, 42mm, water and weather resistant coating: 100% Polyurea, frame and footrest: Square bar steel, hot-dip galvanized. The indoor version has a varnished or waxed core.

YOU MAY colors:standard color: RAL 3020 (Signal red)Optional colors RAL 5015 (Sky-blue), RAL 6018 (Yellow-green) other colors can be produced upon request.

WALKING CHAIR DESIGN STUDIO • Fidel Peugeot & Karl Emilio Pircher
WALKING CHAIR DESIGN STUDIO • Fidel Peugeot & Karl Emilio Pircher
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05 / 2021
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