wave-bench is an urban furniture deducing its formal language from social distancing measurements.

Wave-bench is a sculpture/urban furniture whose shape is derived from social-distancing requirements. The seating surface circumscribes a circle in a wave-like manner. The undulation naturally creates spacing areas between the individual seating surfaces. The sculpture evolves upward from the ground and partially detaches.
The radial arrangement encourages communication, but one also has the option of turning away to the outside or turning individual modules out of the circle.
Architectural issues such as spatial volume or air exchange capacity were considered for the first time from a virological point of view through COVID19. This aspect may become a new paradigm in space normation in the future and influence it positively, as the human organism is counterposed to economy and safety in its full complexity and not just reduced to its body dimensions. Wave-bench reveals a speculative insight into potential future forms of innovative architecture.
Wave-bench invites us to linger in public urban space/nature. COVID19 reminded all of us city dwellers of the importance of urban outdoor spaces. The highly shrunken, non-commercial public space can be reactivated through small-scale architectural interventions. As urban furniture, the wave-bench is intended to promote exchange and thereby contribute to the formation of a collective intelligence. The choice of Hempcrete as a biomaterial is also intended to raise awareness of the urban ecosystem.

Valerie Messini
Valerie Messini
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04 / 2021
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