A flexible furniture, with the possibility to have distance to others (or not).

This V-shaped furniture responds to the changing requirements of today's community: its design features horizontal surfaces in different heights for people to sit on and to use as a table, while providing social distance. The inclined surfaces naturally create space between the individual surfaces and further can be used as backrests. They raise up to create whether a higher seating option or a table area. Our furniture can be used as a single element to enhance the areas along a road, but it can also be arranged to large-scale structures. The furniture is designed to be used by one person alone, as well as when there is a big collective of people, for example at an event. Our idea is about flexibility. We all want to sit in different ways, straight, lean back, lie against something or put up a laptop or a coffee mug. Our furniture gives a lot of opportunities and is intended to create lively public spaces.
The structure is made from pipes and wooden planks. A wooden box, which works as the basis for our furniture and creates the required stability, can also be used as a storage. There are connection elements in addition to the furniture modules to allow different arrangements. It is possible to move a modul with the aid of two persons.


Material: wood, metal pipes
Dimensions: total length: 3.0m x 0.5m width
Heights: table: 1.10m / lower seating: 0.5m / higher seating: 0.85m

Lukas Felder, Regina Bednar
Lukas Felder, Regina Bednar
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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