A piece of built in space in the urban environment, where creative people can exchange.

VIENNA CALLING is created for people who are always on the run to do get the business done. Working in between steel and glass walls, staring at the computer screen, scheduling meetings. Since several years thinkers and designers are searching for the perfect office infrastructures to in order to support this lifestyle.
Now, due to the current social changes caused mainly by the pandemic, our well designed office rooms doesn’t seem to fit anymore to our needs. No matter if people are still working in their old place or are in home office, we are feeling isolated and lonely. The places around us became monotonic, hermetic and low - stimulus. Just think about the workshops and inspirational talks we all had before with our workmates. It doesn’t seem the same, since we are covering our face with a mask, standing 1,5m or even more far away from each other… not talking about the awkward video calls, where people turn off their cameras, so they don’t have to let other people in their most intimate spaces - their home.
We believe, that we need more urban spaces where we have all the possibilities to feel well, safe and connected. Sometimes it feels like we cannot use the existing infrastructures, because they are designed for a short stay. We propose a wooden structure with simple elements, such as a sitting unit, a desk and USB power connection. We developed a compact shape, using the human body as a base in order to make it possible to bring the factor of the human exchange back in our daily work life. The bench is supporting a healthy posture for the body, and the size of the desk, while offering enough space for work, also serves as an obstruction to keep a safe distance.While designing, we kept in mind to use elementary parts, so it’s easy to produce and optimally sustainable. We placed a green pot in the centre to connect to nature and soften the atmosphere, similar to a well-designed small office room. The pot could be easily replaced and could be watered –additional to the rain water- by the users, as a sign of connection and daily use. The covering of the power cables is made out of reused corrugated iron, and the main construction is wood.
Although the main idea is to create an urban outdoor meeting room for people working close with each other, it could be also a place, where people feeling uninspired, and lost in the home office workflow, could meet and exchange in a relaxed way…maybe in the company of a good beer.

Foto Erste Campus © Michael Nagl

Anna Kranitz, Balazs Vagvölgyi
Anna Kranitz, Balazs Vagvölgyi
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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