A renewable energy workspace in the public open space.

During COVID-19 work from home has become the new standard, forcing individuals to look for alternative workspaces. Post pandemic, the hybrid workweek is here to stay, and the public space can offer alternative workspaces.

While Tel Aviv population is continuously growing, the lack of available public open space is well known. The round shape pavilion design is intended to occupy a minimal footprint, using the vertical space to double the existing available area.

The two-story compact wooden structure offers 19 workspaces, in a minimalist open-sides design, with a Mesh net railing covered with climbing plants, for optimal integration of the structure in the surrounding area. The central pole is a small wind turbine that produces electricity and provides a clean energy source to the workspaces, hence the pavilion is an independent structure that can be placed and used anywhere.
Its function as a place for work, socializing and meetings, is facilitated by tables used for food, beverages, and laptops, and provides shelter from the sun.

The structure design to be implemented in small gardens around the city, such as Bilu Garden, Ha'em garden, or next to overcrowded cafes like Yohanan HaSandlar-HaAvoda's public open space.

Dimensions: 5.2 m diameter, 4.9 m height

Liat Rapaport
Liat Rapaport
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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