Playful viewing platforms for young kids to be able to see into the working areas of the NTA sites

The Urban Toddler Viewing Platform grew as a result of spending many hours watching the tractors, diggers and backhoes working on the NTA Red line as an outdoor activity for kids during Covid.
The infostructure work for the up and coming Green and Purple line is due to take over some of the most used public Realm in Tel- Aviv, such as Rabin Square, Levinski Garden and Ben Yehuda Street. Hoardings and fences will cover up these large areas, whilst inside, the magical world of Machinery and Constriction will be hidden from the young children who are not tall enough to look over the top.
Our suggestion for an urban intervention is a series of viewing platforms made of interlinked simple block colour shapes representing the 3 NTA light rail lines. Young children on the way to kindergarten, playground or school, can climb, play and view into the organization sites via a purposely made porthole.

The Urban Toddler Viewing Platform will be made of timber, coloured in bright colours and would be fixed to the ground for extra safety. The dimensions are approx. 2.4m long, 50cm wide and 60 cm tall have been carefully thought to allow for 3-4 children of different ages to use simultaneously, whilst taking as little space of the restricted walkways.
The exact locations would be discussed with NTA and TLV council to allow for a “good and strategic” view in whilst keeping the children safe with wide and secure pavements.

Sagit Yakutiel, Marie Muti, Edmond Cheung
Sagit Yakutiel, Marie Muti, Edmond Cheung
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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