At such a time, when nature is almost fighting humanity, the project proposes to connect the two.

The impact of humanity on nature is so dramatic that some believe we are living in a new geological age — the Anthropocene (the human age).
As those who live in this age, we must show high responsibility, work hard to restore our relationship with the planet and mobilize the power and wisdom we have accumulated over the years. All that to continue our existence and those around us.

The project is located in the "Yarkon Estuary" area - in northern Tel Aviv where the Yarkon River flows to the Mediterranean Sea. This place will be a significant meeting point in the years to come when the ״Sde Dov Program״ is implemented.
The plan proposes the development of a vibrant urban district for housing of various types, offices, commerce, hotels and public areas. 
The district will complete the urban fabric of the northwest of the city, connecting the neighborhoods bordering with the sea and enable the development and implementation of advanced and sustainable planning principles.

When talking about the increasing density in cities and the accelerated urbanization processes that are taking place everywhere in our globe, the field of urban agriculture is rising again as part of the possible solutions for creating 'green' and sustainable cities. This is not a passing trend but a real change of attitude regarding how we produce our food and how we design our cities.

The main idea is to create a center for urban agriculture, which includes the use of the old oil tanks for the benefit of purifying the Yarkon water and growing plants using the aquaponics method under an open structure containing the various programs. 
Aquaponics is a method that combines aquaculture and growing detached plants in one system - the fish secretions are used as organic fertilizer for the plants which in turn purify the water for the fish.

Try to imagine this urban backyard turning from a detached area with large unused areas into a bustling center that teaches, educates and makes sustainability accessible.
Connecting the central axes from the built environment into a grid that blends into a wetland of purified water, creating a utopian architectural structure wrapped in the park and conventional agricultural growing areas alongside engineered agriculture.
This center is open to the general public and is a platform for man to meet and get to know nature in a way that matches the period.

Tal Shmuel
Tal Shmuel
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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