An atmosphere of a beach-holiday will be created under the highroad-bridge in the Prater.

The Prater is a large park in Vienna with lots of forests and meadows. But also a giant “Autobahn-bridge” leads right through the park. This contrast I find highly fascinating and because the topic is about nature but also traveling, I chose this place for the proposal. (video)
Vienna can be very hot in the summer. Cool, consumption-free places to relax and linger or to be creative are hard to find. At the same time, because of the pandemic, many people can’t go for a holiday to the seaside this year. Maybe this can be an opportunity for reflection. So a special place where people can escape their everyday life and think about their holiday-rutine is proposed following these steps:

-) First step: Big hammocks will be constructed out of marquee-cloth (preferably recycled fabric) and fixed to the bridge’s beams with ropes and snap links (carabiners). They will span a length of 6 meters. The fabric will have the dimensions of 6m by 2m. The hammocks will be fixed to lashes that are part of the beam construction of the bridge (pic #2)
-) Second step: The pillars and the ceiling will be painted so that they appear as palm trees and a cloudy sky (ideally in cooperation with local street artists).
-) Third step: Sand will be spread out under the hammocks. It should be at least 3cm thick, on an area of approximately 50 square meters, which equals to around 1,5 cubic meters.
-) Fourth step: A micro wood shop will be installed, so that various loungers and deck chairs can be planned and constructed on site (ideally in cooperation with school classes and / or refugees). The wood shop will be absolutely basic an consist of wooden trestles, and a lockable box to store tools (handsaws, hammers, screwdrivers etc.)
-) Last step: The location will be further decorated with plants and LED-light installations (pic #1). The car noise will serve as an “ocean-sound-machine”.

The installation can stay until fall. Afterwards a discussion with the city about long term uses and new ideas for the space underneath the bridge can continue.

Sebastian Lengauer
Sebastian Lengauer
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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