A Simulated Travels between two cities created by a video portal

Technological breakthroughs, the wonders of aviation, jets, and low-cost cariers in recent years, all allow us to move easily and even cheaper from one place to another. To change within few hours, our daily reality, the weather, the culture, and meet people who speak a different language with different habits.

Until recently, with almost no afford, we could transfer from one place to another, visit friends or family living in other continents, and experience different reality while another reality continues where we came from.

The Covid19 pandemic, has changed this reality overnight. We have learned that despite all possibilities, developments and advanced technology, everything is Fragile. We became far away again, far from our loved ones or those we have not met yet, away from our favorite places or the ones we dream to visit.

This is an era of video chats and zoom calls, even before the Covid19 eruption and certainly during and after. Due to Social Distancing we work and meet family and friends from afar.

We propose a scale up to connect Public to Public, Place to Place, Culture to Culture, City to City. This is a Platform for casual encounters and free expression.T

he project allows up to experience a different reality, places, and people, as individuals or community. A glimpse into the lives of others.

Bernhard Freudhofmaier & Daniel Strassburger
Bernhard Freudhofmaier & Daniel Strassburger
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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