Development of performance in the vertical/ spatial dimenssion of the square

This project proposes stretching cables across the square at varying heights: 6, 8, 10, 12 m above the ground from which double carriers will be hung at the permitted intervals. The square area of 17 dunams, allows for the placement of about 1,700 carriers. The observed event can take place on stage, on the ground or in the air, with some carriers operated by performers. On a daily basis, the cables can be used to hang decorative visual elements that will add life and "lighten up" the monotony of the huge square.

During the event, spectators will be lifted by a motorized winch to the ramp near the top of the pillar and sent in a carrier to their intended location. The construction of the project requires bearing columns of various heights, connecting cables, "launching" surfaces, a winch  carrier, and control mechanisms that stop them when they reach the location. Except for the construction, most of the equipment needed for the event can be brought towards it. Another future option is to use of multirotor droneד that can carry about 200 kg each that will be guided to their location in the space by the organizers.

Hanna Yaffe
Hanna Yaffe
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
03 / 2021
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