Gallery on the steps to the beach of Jaffa.

At my favorite beach, next to the Jaffa port, there are niches in the wall leading to and from the beach. The beach is bounded by a wide wall that connects to the promenade and the port of Jaffa. The beach has been renovated in the last year and has a sewer to the sea, in general it is a beach that is quite neglected but is a place for many people to relax, stare, meditate, and in general lately is a place for me and many regular people who visit it to relax with sunrise, sunset, and nature The wildness of the sea and the waves pounding on the boardwalk wall. T he huge wall is also a fertile home for interchangeable graffiti. These niches probably contained lighting in them in the past.

I would like to turn these niches into an outside gallery. I see it becoming a home for artists from Jaffa and Tel Aviv and an artistic communication channel with coastal visitors and residents of the area. I dream of a wide variety of arts displayed there like poetry, design, plastic arts, sculpture, video, sound and more, the options are limited only to the size of the niches. i see it as an option for a conversation through site-specific works. My dream is a tiny gallery in the public space hidden from the eye - Observed only by those coming and going from the sea.

For me this beach is a place I come to in my most difficult moments. And in one such moment I imagine for example one little song that meets me in and fills my heart

At the technical level - three niches, about 1.70 meters by 1 meter.Painting work of the niches and their surroundings will be required, possibly as a branding of and their prominence. The branding of the gallery is also part of the work, as a graphic designer I will create an overall design set. Branding may vary by creation or be permanent.Installation of interior lighting and clear cladding of tempered glass that can be easily cleaned will be required. A hanging installation will be required, depending on the type of work, two-dimensional, three-dimensional (small shelf), video (screen), etc ...Exhibitions change once a month / two months or more.

Ohad Hadad
Ohad Hadad
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
02 / 2021
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