An enrichment underground space in an urban surrounding

The Submarine is a small and open underground space planted in the open space in the heart of urban landscapeparcIt is meant to be a space for working, studying and enrichment as an individual, a group or as part of the community.

It is a quiet place, disconnected from the all too noisy and well too known urban space and offers us an alternative space which is neither home, nor the ofce or the coffee shop we are used to. The space measures are 2.75/7/4 meters and they can change accordingly. Its shape is the shape of an amphitheater with a small auditorium equipped with steps which function as seats and which go down to the belly of the structure.

It is made of wood planks which are protected from weather damages.  On the walls there are shelves / niches with books so the space may function as a municipal or community library.  Audiovisual equipment is provided so that the place enable, among others, afternoon and evening activities such as lectures, discussions and movie screenings all initiated for the sake of cooperation and enrichment within the community without the help of any formal mediators.

Electricity, lighting and wi access are all provided by solar panels.

By being an underground space its presence disappears within the parcs surroundings and it does not interfere with the existing landscape.  The walking or the bicycle riding among trees towards a distant and unseen spot in the parc create something of a spiritual and signicant momentum which better prepares us for listening, concentration and peace of mind and thus turning the "going down" into the belly of the space into something active and even performative.

An additional intriguing dimension to this performance is added when, from various angles of our surroundings, we will see people going down and coming up from the ground, heads protruding the horizon, sound and voices lling the space.

The difference in heights and the change in the perspective angles of the space which the "users" are about tobe part of is yet another most signicant aspect the experience they are going though.

David Chaki
David Chaki
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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