Versatile urban furniture designed to encourage socialization among tweens.

The project examines the line between urban furniture and playground facilities and serves as a means of encouragement, as well as an answer to a number of common behaviors among tweens in public spaces. Such include; joining together, self isolating in public, and climbing.
In a time where freedom of movement in the public is limited, and social connections are changing their form, the project uses empty lots and unused properties between residential buildings for public social activities.
The structure is comprised of four large cement blocks with standard joints which connect to curved stainless steel pipes. This allows for any number of variations of the playground structure. The structure allows for high modularity and is able to be fitted into small or larger lots, between existing properties or in any street corner.Thanks to its form and colorfulness, it can exist in different areas and serve the local population in the public space, it can serve any passer-by for sitting, resting and conversing, all whilst allowing play and movement around it - thus encouraging different usability across all ages.

Sharon Dor
Sharon Dor
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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