A coffee shop in greenhouse, ventilated but cozy place; in the heart of city (like Habima Sqr.)

The city is, as an integral part, within the vein; A perfect blend of urban-kibbutznik.

One of my dreams is to grow a spice delicacy.

A second dream is that the world will reopen (that is, cafes, theatres, cinemas, and yes - also galleries and other vegetables). Human encounters without limitations.

In the meantime think the perfect solution is to set up a greenhouse.

The greenhouse will serve as a ventilated but cozy cafe.

Transparency allows to be inside; But also to feel the outside, the city.It is both looking outward and looking inward; Possibility to create dialogues and meetings (more or less random).

There is something inspiring about that.The cafe is a social community meeting place; From which the next thing will grow; Other than being a workplace or a place to work.Lets create near the delicacies of spices and vegetables;

The opportunity to be inspired and give. From the greenhouse - the cafe can grow new things.Create memories through food, photos, through contact between people.

Gali Timen
Gali Timen
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
02 / 2021
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