A public space where city dwellers can come for a therapy session at any time as a city service.

According to a World Health Organization survey from 5 October 2020, the significant impact of COVID-19 on mental health services has shown the devastating effect of the epidemic on access to mental health services. As the epidemic continues, more and more people will require the healthcare services at the national and local levels.

In this proposal we suggest local governments and their public facilities be part of the solution to increase access to mental health services.

HOW? By repurposing phone booths owned by local governments (see attached the potential in Tel-Aviv-Yafo with deployment public phone).

Regardless of religion, there is always a form of confession where an individual can, confess, consult, share and discuss his or her thoughts, concerns, desires, etc. Inspired by the Christian confession booth, the compassion booth is being used as a place to hold therapy sessions all around the city. The Compassion booth can be customized to best meet the individual patient's needs. For privacy, the patient may be seated in the booth. If the patient wishes to experience street life, he/she may sit outside the booth (see attached with illustration).

Compassion booth could be used to provide mental health services in public spaces.

Technical description –

Window: A small window with a shutter that can be closed (40X40 cm)

Chair: A permanent chair is located outside of the booth and inside.

Curtain: Each booth door has an opaque sliding curtain

Implementation strategy: adding the option of scheduling therapy sessions with social workers or psychologists working in the municipal service in an area with public phone booths. The city dwellers could choose location anywhere in the city where they would like to hold the therapy session.

Shir Gravitz
Shir Gravitz
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04 / 2021
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