hat flexibility meets urban potential

My project will affect how space is perceived in our human perception. In our eyes, the measure to change the reality of a city is to change the perceptual approach, which delimits space as something that needs to be created and not as something "there is a kind".

In the above project I created another use for the built space and it is changing the use of it - turning parts of the space created for the use of parking and changing them into a capsule that includes a long bar table and a benchThe technical specifications of the project include: a total of 8 meters wide, a depth of about 5 meters, the height of the table about 70 cm and its depth about 40 cm, the height of the bench about 45 cm and its depth about 40 cmThe materials from which the capsule is made are very simple and accessible. You can see that the floor is a thin wooden platform and a table and the bench are also made of wood.

In conclusion, the project offers a perceptual change of space and its flexibility for people (because in the end everything is people)

Leechan Karlinsky
Leechan Karlinsky
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IL, Tel Aviv
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