Urban sculpture that influences the perception of the surrounding city with focus on the traffic.

The Submarine is a free-standing element that change the way we look at our environment. By entering into the body the existing factors affecting our senses are distorted and reflected. A transformation occurs in the perception of the place. The main focus is on the visual and auditory influences.
The terrace above the Römerberg tunnel in Linz serves as the location. If you follow the course of the Linz Promenade to the west, you will find yourself at the transition from the city center to the relaxed residential area. Due to the topography a small elevated place with high spatial quality is formed, which also offer a wonderful view at the Marien-Dom.
On the other hand, there is hardly any other place where the brutality of one-sided infrastructure can be perceived and felt better. Because this place is the entrance of the Römerberg tunnel, which leads the road 139 under the mountain that enables thousands of cars to drive quickly through the city center every day. Its southern portal is not only characterized by deafening noise, but also a place in Linz with catastrophic air quality. The drastic change in mobility during the first lockdown made us think about this two aspects and how we could create an experience that allows to bring more awareness about this problem into society.
The Submarine is body defined by chipboard panels that stands on four narrow feet. It is wrapped in metal pipes that end in big metal funnels. With its unique look the Submarine draws people passing by into communication. If you look closely, it becomes clear that you can immerse yourself in it. You find yourself in an interior lined with fine fabric. In the submarines, the view from the inside is directed outwards via a horizontal slot. The street is faded out by a mirror and replaced with the sky.
The urban noises are changed into a hissing noise via the funnels and pipes. You'd think Linz is by the sea.

Paul Eis, Julien Reinhart
Paul Eis, Julien Reinhart
Location of project
AT, Linz
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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