Allowing artists to share their work and citizens to enjoy live performances safely and for free.

Live performances are hit hard during a pandemic, hurting artists financially and citizens spiritually. Stage St. will enable any person to perform at open-air public locations for a scheduled amount of time, letting the public know about the performances and promoting the artists in advance. This project will allow artists to continue sharing their work and citizens to safely enjoy live performances during a pandemic, while offering the same infrastructure for more people to enjoy the shows post-pandemic.

Art performances happen organically on the streets, but the artists do not have a way to locate their shows with the municipality’s approval and inform the general public about their time and place. Stage St. will solve this gap by providing a live schedule website for any person to sign up to a specific street stage and time in an approved location and describe their performance. Artists could plan where and when to play, and everyone could check the schedule and come to specific free performances of their interest - from shows for and by kids in the morning to adult singers and bands in the evening. We will promote and market Stage St.’s website on social media and local news and create partnerships with artist groups and programs to encourage them to endorse Stage St. through their platforms.

Stage St. can take place in multiple locations in Tel Aviv where there are pedestrian streets or parks that would allow the space for the stage and the audience. The stage dimensions can be changed according to the location, but would be approximately 3m wide and 2m long to allow space for the artists’ instruments while being small and intimate. In parks, the stage would be made of low, painted reused bricks (height of ~10cm) to keep the artists close to the audience in one shared space. In pedestrian areas, the stage would be painted on the ground level to allow regular traffic during the off-performance time. Audience seats in the appropriate pandemic distance will be marked around the stage with paint on the ground or nailed-down metal chairs where possible.

Stage St. would give every person in the community the opportunity to express and experience art, while coordinating times and locations with the municipality, serving citizens with free performances, and supporting artists and the businesses around each street stage.

Nofar Hamrany & Sharin Mor
Nofar Hamrany & Sharin Mor
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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