A private public space

The COVID19 pandemic brought many challenges, a major one for the young public in Tel Aviv was the inability to go on a date. The challenge of finding some privacy while the public spaces were always crowded and going home with a stranger is not always comfortable. Facing the issue ourselves we tried to think about a place that could be a part of the public space, could be found in multiple places and create an island of privacy.
We wish to use the 5th facade of the well-known bus stop inspired by “Le Corbusier”. The top of the station will be used as “tree house”- a porch that is dedicated to the young lovers. A spot for a date in the public space without relying on the common dating places such as restaurants and bars. Everyone will be able to “book” a spot online and make sure that no one interrupts them.

Hadar Cohen & Yoel Gaft
Hadar Cohen & Yoel Gaft
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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