Reclaiming public space through healing rituals.

The current situation seems to redefine public space and its meaning. How is it used and by whom? To what extent is everyone free to move around in it and use it?
Healing opens up the possibility of reclaiming and reinterpreting "public" spaces; in the redefinition of urban structures, places for collective healing emerge

.Society has changed due to the crisis and with it the expectations and needs for public space. A virus that not only requests healing in a medical sense but also questions the position of the human race in nature. Do we see ourselves now longer in trying to control nature or do we start to free ourselves from these values and see us as part of the whole that we call nature. Healing thus opens up the urban space for hybrid systems in which, freed from an anthropocenic way of thinking, organisms demand a new interpretation through constant interaction and coexistence.

Healing as a ritual.

Healing takes time and space. A ritual that allows everyone to create individual, spiritual spaces in the city through rhythmic movement and dance.
Part of the ritual is the creation of ritual-clothing as a hybrid of medical devices using active agents,like extremolyte ectoine,produced by various organisms and personal elements.
It serves as a tool to leave the human perspective through the ritual, and to find to oneself and understand one as part of the whole.
This creates places of physical and mental healing and a new understanding of nature and us as part of it finds its way into the urban space.

The act of creating costumes and performing rituals changes the urbanites perception and empowers them to sustainably diversify their cities.

Florian Berrar, David Degasper
Florian Berrar, David Degasper
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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