A public seating area structure that implements a hydroponic system for modular plants' growth.

COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine affected society, where people started seeking their comfort zone and external and internal safety.
Thus, many felt a strong desire to find their place, reach out, plant roots and become a part of a community.

This project combines those needs with the public space, using various functionalities we can implement within them.The project will include 3 sizes of public seating areas (single person, 2-4 persons and 5-10 persons). Which will provide the community’s individuals with a place for learning, working, hanging out and more.

A hydroponic system is implemented within the structure of the seating areas. It allows growing plants as herbs and public decoration.

Horticultural therapy is a field in psychotherapy, which uses growing and gardening plants as a physical and mental therapeutic activity. It encourages self-awareness and social responsibility emotions that will subsequently increase the individual’s sense of belonging.

Maayan Shrayber
Maayan Shrayber
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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