Tel Aviv Workbench - An alternative way to work and study in the public space

With the laptop revolution in the early 21st century, the way people work, study, and communicate has changed radically. If in the past most of the work took place inside offices and studies in classrooms, today work meetings in cafes or studies for exams in public gardens are a matter of routine. More and more people are meeting, working, and studying in the public space while creating a new world of opportunities. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began several months ago, data shows that about 40% of the workers have moved to work from home. Due to the new situation, there are likely to be long-standing challenges to working and studying in traditional environments.

This project offers a rethinking of the use of public space infrastructure and explores the possibilities of working and learning in public space. The project proposes to make a small intervention in the urban benches by adding a working desktop arm to the existing classic and iconic benches of Tel Aviv called Nurit. The goal is to enable anyone who is interested to work and study (and also to eat) on the city benches in a convenient, safe and carefree way.

The arm is designed in the same language as the original bench. The surface is made of the same type of wood, and the arm is made of black iron, and its sizes are 70x48 cm. The arm can be raised and folded on-demand, and everything is done independently effortlessly. You can place a computer or tablet on the desktop and start working and learning. In the next stage, the arm will also have a power connection and a USB connection. Creating such an arm can be simple and inexpensive and thus will help to enhance the quality of public space.

Amnon Direktor
Amnon Direktor
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
03 / 2021
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