POLITIKA is a high-functioning multi-purpose machine for political imagination.

An architectural infrastructure and platform for political activities, innovation and discussion. Highly inspired from its notorious forgotten older sister, the GDR palast der republik - a 1970’s socialist culture machine and political experiment, POLITIKA  is aiming to merge seriousness with fun, a timed-framed theme-based political entertainment and recreation - all into one architectural vessel.

On September 1st 2021, POLITIKA would be taking off to a 60 days of political voyage, cruising around 6 different locations in the city of Tel Aviv - Jaffa. During its epic voyage, POLITIKA would be changing its location and political theme every 10 days - all topics engaged with contemporary politics concerns - climate change, wealth, techno-optimism, Anthropocene, food and labor. All of which, while using the physical flexible wooden political infrastructure of its nature for theme based outdoor demonstrations, lectures, parties, movie screenings and tribune table-multi participant discussions.

Alon Sarig
Alon Sarig
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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