Art Exhibitions in the public arena printed on wall stickers, connected to website.

Naby is a multidisciplinary art gallery. This alternative Gallery offers a spontaneous and direct meeting place for artists from different disciplines. Naby aims to make art accessible to the people outside of closed spaces, within various public locations.

We are experiencing a change in the world of art consumption. During the last few years, we have witnessed the movement of street art (graffiti) off the streets and into exhibition halls.

Naby Gallery aims to promote the reverse movement; to move the art out of closed exhibition spaces and onto the streets, to become part of the public arena which is increasingly an area of art consumption.

The exhibitions will be printed and display outside in the format of sticky posters at the size of 70/100cm. Each sticker will include the full exhibition of 8 art works with a QR code  in order to connect to the website. (attached a Demo sticker).Locations - we intend to dispaly our posters on public boards, windows of central located businesses (shops, restaurants, banks etc.). online map with detailed locations will be in the site.

Mati Shachar & Ofer Berezovsky
Mati Shachar & Ofer Berezovsky
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
03 / 2021
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