Modular urban space that can be adjustable to city areas, whether it is a wall or an "urban desert".

My project is a modular structure that creates a space for the passers-by, to hang around, talk, have lunch, meet people or even have some alone time for yourself. Due to the structure's modularity, it can be customized to any area in the city whether next to a building wall or in an "urban desert".

After coronavirus hit the world, the term "social distancing״ became part of our lives and the feeling of detachedness has increased, restaurants and bars that were our main meeting area suddenly were closed.
The modular structure is built so it can be adjustable both to the horizontal and the vertical axis. As a result of this design, we can hang around together and separately at the same time and space.

To achieve that, the structure is built from vertical perforated wooden beams that dictate the height, every 60cm on the front (axis x) 30cm on the side (axis y), and horizontal wooden beams that dictate the length in doubles of 40cm, when 40cm for plants, 80cm for one person, 160cm for 2 people or more. The connection between the vertical and horizontal beams is with steel wedge lego-like joins the plugin together between them both. Steel wire mesh railing is fixed on the upper levels for safety, and a steel wire mesh for growing plants.

Maria Sorokin
Maria Sorokin
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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