Realms of interactive sound and movement in public space

Promoting human-environment connections by  interaction and movement to  sounds of monumental trees

The sound of trees produced by their electrical pulses will promote a new form of movement within the place they provide. We invite for various interactions to draw people to pause, connect with the moment and what it summons and appreciate the ancient trees that preceded the city.
Vision: Trees support mental and physical health and are essential in the post pandemic era for addressing global warming threats. Research shows that trees are crucial in creating a healthy physical and mental environment, they upraise urban spaces and offer a sense of Place and opportunities for gathering in a creative and spiritual manner.  Monumental trees are a being of their own, known to communicate with each other and respond to environmental conditions. Yet, they frequently go unnoticed by city dwellers.
Site in Vienna:
The Karl-Lueger Platz is located close to prominent cultural and academic institutes, similarly to our TA proposal. Our intervention is around one London Plane tree in the Platz in which attention is dominantly drawn to the sculpture of a Karl-Lueger positioned in the center. His disputed persona represents a history of seclusion, slavery and racism and affects the ways the site is perceived.
Our sound producing body-oriented intervention is a platform for sensual and social interactions, events and experiences. Sound, body sensation, action and motion in relation to trees will generate emotion, connect to the surroundings and encourage collaboration.  Inherently, our intervention responds also to current social disputes, by offering the tree as the focus of attention rather than the sculpture.
We propose to transform an interactive form of sound generated by trees to inspire body motion, by using a sonic device. The system will detect the electrical pulses of the trees and transform them into synthesized sounds amplified into the space. Body interactions will influence the sound itself, as will the time of day, the weather and humidity, the pollution and other physical parameters.
An optional system may express the electrical pulses simultaneously in color schemes projected onto the sculpture.
Circular elements allowing for various forms of body and social situations, which may also activate the projection of sound and / or colors.
Plant climbers –extending from the tree area to the podium and sculpture.
An internet-site / blog will be produced to compare between the 2 parallel sites in  Vienna and Tlv for further action-

Braha Kunda, Dr. Galia Hanoch-Roe, Ran Biran, Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonin, Dr Ruth Mateus-Berr , Wolfram Lakaszus, o,
Braha Kunda, Dr. Galia Hanoch-Roe, Ran Biran, Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonin, Dr Ruth Mateus-Berr , Wolfram Lakaszus, o,
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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