Urban mini-golf that enables a dynamic experience of the city in human-scale space of interaction.

“The street as a game”

We propose a public urban game that enables a dynamic and new experience of the city's streets, while offering a personal, human-scale space of interaction.The pandemic made the human, fun and caring interaction to the most needed at the future streets.

The mini-golf boulevard connects between two main gathering points in Tel-Aviv – the City Plaza and the Culture Plaza. (This location is not critical; the mini-golf system can easily be adapted to different types of urban locations).The game turns the public street into a vibrant and playful setting for groups or individuals in multiple ways. Although the mini-golf apparatuses transform instantly into a playground full of life, they also double as urban art installations, forming a large-scale environmental sculpture that allows passersby to actively participate or to observe.

Each element offers a place for sitting, resting, quiet observation or meeting people.The mini-golf accessories (clubs, golf balls) are stored in public lockers which open on demand.

The installation made from accessible materials as metal and wood, and the implementation is considering the local topography and the changes in street size.

Our role as designers and architects is to make the city welcoming, unique, and enjoyable. We believe that our game proposal will create a memorable, high-quality and experiential urban environment for the city’s users.

Narkis Joffe & Yossi Hayu
Narkis Joffe & Yossi Hayu
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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