The project envisions to bridge Prater and Augarten by reuniting the fragmented Main Alley.

„If one wants to pass through open doors easily, one must bear in mind that they have a solid frame: this principle, according to which the old professor had always lived, is simply a requirement of the sense of reality. But if there is such a thing as a sense of reality—and no one will doubt that it has its raison d’être—then there must also be something that one can call a sense of possibility.“
The Man Without Qualities, Robert Musil

For the last one year we have been shown how the real can be substituted by the possible, even magical - think of massive state interventions, rapid vaccine production, social solidarity. We have also experienced what does it mean to have (or miss) a balcony, a park or a river nearby. In this sense, we believe that the magical is not only possible, but necessary.

We propose three projects for the city of Vienna - Main Alley, Public Fora, New Danube Stations. Each project consists of one precisely situated intervention, which brings the existing fragments into a bigger whole. Thus our proposal does not envision a new public infrastructure per se, but a new thinking of the already existing one.

Main Alley

The Main Alley consists nowadays of two disconnected fragments - Heinestraße (850m) and Prater Hauptallee (4,4km). By introducing a monumental overground zebra crossing at the Praterstern train station and a new traffic regulation we envision to bring together the Heinestraße and Praterallee fragments into one truly Main Alley, but also to connect the two green planktons - Prater and Augarten.

Viola Roesch, Ruslan Dimov
Viola Roesch, Ruslan Dimov
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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