Long Cuts offers many ways to experience our path from and to our home.

During the last year we have become very familiar with our immediate surrounding. We know the walking distance from our house to the grocery, to a nearby friend, to our work and school. We have walked the same paths and grown to recognize the little things in our home's radius. "Long Cuts" hopes to appreciate our neighborhoods little things and add spontaneity to our familiarity. Our common path becomes layered. On the walk to the grocery, we can take the scenic route, and on the walk back we can take the efficient one. On our walk with a friend, we can take a detour to an elevated street stage and watch the passersby.
Long Cuts recognizes the beautiful trees of Tel Aviv city and wants to appreciate their beauty. You can walk up the stairs and simultaneously, you are climbing the tree. At the final level you are within the tree's leaves. Long Cuts also depends on the tree, as its constructional need of stability is dependent on the surrounding and embrace of the tree.
Long Cuts offers many ways to experience our path from and to our home.
Long Cuts offers Balfour St specifically, and many other potential streets as well, a new way of experiencing our path.
the possibilities long cuts offers are varied and create many ways to experience our public surrounding. the bench offers a place to rest and sit. The geometrical shape of Long Cuts can allow many groups to sit independently at the same time, it can allow individuals to feel private in public and it can allow a group to crowd and face one direction. The stairs elevate you from your daily life into the trees. You can run through this experience for a brief whip of air, or you can stop, lean over the banister, and have a look at your neighborhood as it continues to run its course. Long Cuts also creates an additional path to the normal one you were once used to; which path will you choose?Adding long cuts throughout Tel Aviv, focusing on side streets as oppose to boulevards. These streets  serve as familiar streets to people who live on it. Adding long cuts to these streets will add public small scale neighborly spaces. Places where neighbors can meet.  Places where the random passerby can have an exciting experience. Places where one can experience something special close to home.
It is always exciting to take the scenic route when you can.

Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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