Layers, is an art work created from archeology in sound

In the past pandemic year, many aspects of people’s lives have moved to the online world, causing them to be constantly connected to their digital devices. My project encourages people to engage with the outside world, and experience a unique adventure through culture, sound and imagination.

In this project, we will expose the invisible layers of architecture through an immersive sound experience, using humor and communication. Today, through sound design, architectural editing and Mindfulness, it is possible to create an experience that makes the listener feel present in different times and places, reviving memories, telling stories and activating emotion.

Listeners will be able to connect to the audio via a code or the Liebling House website, with easy and inclusive access through earphones. Each point in the work will be marked at specific location, the first will be located near the Liebling House.

The idea is to take three-four historic locations on Bialik street, enliven them, their stories and the architectural stories with sound and take listeners on a 20-minute journey from point to point.
The current points are - "Beit Liebling", "Bialik Square" and "Hair House".I attached a teaser I made especially that will help illustrate a little more the idea I offer.

The sound components, recording, editing and sound design will be performed using the world's most advanced methods in the field of sound - 3D Binaural sound, ASMR sounds and 8D audio.
Such a sound experience can ensure a new way of preserving the continued existence of the building's heritage and the people who built and lived in the Liebling House (Max and Tony Liebling, Israel Prize winner Dov Carmi and more ..) and the historical figures of the street, who are an integral part of Israel's history.
Here are two links to sound works I have created in recent years (listen with headphones)
1. A moment before - a sound journey, a film for the imagination (listen-eyes closed).- work was presented at the Capsules Hotel at "Winter Noise" 2020, a Jerusalem Winter Festival, link to see the comments from the work -
2. Homeland -  Created for the closing event of the Jerusalem Art Week Festival and then purchased by the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, it is displayed there to this day, it is in Hebrew (the video and photos in the video simulate the experience in the museum itself). -

עידן סקלר
עידן סקלר
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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