Joint-Box is a flexible wood skeleton construction system which is easy to built up for everyone.

"Public space fulfills important tasks in urban life: It is a place where people can stay, meet and interact with each other."

Public space represents the non-commercial meeting zone for all levels of society. Communication and political exchange take place here. Thus, no one is excluded and everyone has the opportunity to participate in public life.

In times of advancing privatization and commercialization of urban space, it is therefore all the more important to create an antipole that can assert itself in the urban fabric. For this reason, I have developed a wooden building system especially for this purpose.

As my proposed solution to the competition task, I would like to suggest a timber construction system in the sense of a building kit. It should be flexibly applicable, which means that it can react to local conditions on the building ground. Furthermore, it should be easy to adapt and expand. Among other things, the building system should also function in the sense of redensification. Therefore, I would like to develop a construction system that can be used on open spaces, on buildings and inside buildings. It should be easy to assemble and disassemble, so that it can also be used for short-term or temporary uses. The system should also remain adaptable over time to accommodate a change in use. Deconstruction and reuse of the building system are also key.

In order to create identity and identification of the people for the architecture, the building system should also be able to be built by laymen with simple tools. My personal demand for this project is to apply the maximum amount of wood in the supporting structure. This means, that all nodes are made metal-free or metal-poor. The material is to be used expediently and sparingly.

The reasons for the wooden construction are numerous. The most important ones, however, are the high degree of prefabrication of wooden components, the relatively low weight of wooden structures and the ease with which the raw material can be processed. Wood as a renewable building material, as well as haptic and optical properties make it interesting.

Maximilian Stehmer
Maximilian Stehmer
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
03 / 2021
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