a special space intended to provide tranquility to people in need of energy renewal.

This past year of contending with the COVID 19 pandemic taught us that, at any given moment, a person can be hurt and all that is familiar to him can be taken away without warning, even his freedom. But there is one thing that he will always have: himself. In a world in which everyone should be safe from abusive deeds and words alike, people's primary and most dependable strengths are intrinsic. This is how the idea of IN Meditation was born – an invitation to every person at any age to look inward and rediscover their inner peace along with the powers that motivate them in their daily activities. The capitalized part of the project's name, IN ME, signifies that people should look after and give to themselves, just as they look after and give to others. This led us to choose graphics in the shape of a womb – our first, safe and most caring shelter. There, a person can find inner tranquility on a day filled with tension and demands, and fulfill the most basic human need.

IN ME ditation offers meditation content in five main languages spoken in Israel:Hebrew,Arabic,Russian,amharic via an audio system hidden within it. The user can lie on an orthopedic mattress, which diffuses physical and emotional stress equally throughout the body, and connect to the system through an app, or, for people less technologically inclined, by pressing a button that operates speakers. For several minutes, the user will experience a surge of energy that will power up his day.

Behind the design is an attitude of caring for people as well as for the environment. The structure is holistic, measuring 210X140X70 cm. It is made of flexible, synthetic panels painted in environment-friendly colors, enabling it to blend into the cityscape. It is connected to a solar panel, which constantly charges the system with green energy, making it independent of the electricity grid.

Erez Perry
Erez Perry
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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