Activities in public space made possible through the creativity pass will transform society

HOTEL RESONANZ is an ensemble of spaces that encourages people to take part in creative and artistic activities. The aim of the project is to create intercultural spaces of encounter where resources and knowledge are shared and interdisciplinary exchange can take place. Taking inspiration from the concept of Albergo diffuso, this particular "Hotel" spreads across the urban space of Vienna. The analogue "Resonance Rooms" are spaces which provide an alternative to displays and consumption in order to bring people (back) in contact with themselves and the world. For a monthly fee, people of all ages, backgrounds and origins receive a Creativity Pass which provides them access to materials, professional guidance for different creative activities (e.g. painting, weaving, dancing, woodworking, screen printing, bookbinding) and experimental research supervised by artists and craftsWOmen. These spaces are also intended to raise awareness for socially relevant topics such as sustainability, gender equality, inclusive and responsible living, etc. Thus creating an impulse for a positive development and new kind of social coexistence in the future communities of the post pandemic city. The atelier of our collective Fluid forms the heart of HOTEL RESONANZ and the platform that links the network of existing studios and ateliers, coordinates events and informs the public. Existing artists, students, craftsWOmen, can participate in the project and suggest creative activities and enhance the visibility of their own art. The many vacant properties and also public spaces outdoor in the city of Vienna offer the ideal spatial infrastructure for this project, which would be essential to offer a non-commercial revitalisation of the post pandemic society.

strategy plan HOTEL RESONANZ:
1. NETWORKING -team formation-research
2.DEVELOPMENT-detailed conceptualization-graphic design-logo-flyer-website-promotion-finding sponsors-networking of the City of Vienna and ateliers
3.REALIZATION-purchase of material-program organization and organization of creativity pass
4.PROJECT START-creation of creativity pass-kick off event

Rosa Valentina Martino, Elisabetta Schmidtlein, Irene Lamanna
Rosa Valentina Martino, Elisabetta Schmidtlein, Irene Lamanna
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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