The project asks question in the pursuit of  finding the right answers.

Although the pandemic has been a constant quest for answers and clarity, the best answers sometimes lie hidden in the right questions.
Maybe adapting to it isn’t the best of methods but rather reflecting on what has happened might just be the right question. To be able to do that, we have to understand how it felt and what it felt like and not only for ourselves but also for the rest of the people around us.
The glass house brings us back to those important moments and puts them in a different light, were we can reflect upon them.
At first there was the mist.
When the entire pandemic started the uncertainty and the chaos around us made us feel lost and aimless without knowing what tomorrow might bring. This was not only limited to a few of us but to the entire world. Everything changed rapidly on a global scale and everyone tried to pull the right strings to solve every crisis that arose because of this, not knowing where everything will lead to.
Then came the distance.
For most of us the thing that was hard to come by was being separated from our close friends and family, something that came to be a big challenge for everyone. We even had to isolate ourselves in our own homes from the rest oThere were lots of compromises just to find a middle way between being safe and being together.We used any means possible to keep close to everyone but it wasn’t enough.
How close can we be but still feel apart? Is distance what separates us form the other person?
The glass house strips these questions to their very core and puts them up for debate.

Inside the house a glass sheet splits the transparent room into two parts and separates us from the other, isolating us from one another while maintaining visual contact.
This surreal feeling of seeing and hearing the other person while still feeling estranged by the separation is the paradox that arose during the quarantine times.
We came to realise that being apart isn’t only dictated by the distance between but also by the small things like shaking someone’s hand or embracing someone dear or even sitting next to someone on a bench.
But this reality didn’t only apply to the urban spaces, it also reached very deep inside our private lives.
These small things that weren’t obvious before the pandemic are now things that have defined our lives and made us see the world and the people around us in a different way.

Palade Bogdan
Palade Bogdan
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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