With Nylon installations I want to create representations of bodies retaking public spaces.

Resilience has two main meanings if we try to understand it from its word origin: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties (which is referred to as toughness), but at the same time also the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape (which is referred to more as elasticity). Thinking about a resilient city in the “era of Post-Corona” in Tel Aviv the project elastiCity suggests to rather define resilience as elasticity than as toughness.

With Senga Nengudi-inspired Nylon installations (as in the picture) I want to create representations of bodies in Tel Aviv retaking, reappreciating and rediscovering public spaces that are no longer abandoned. This project works as a static installation but is also meant to be displayed on. In a performative interruption I want to dance with the nylon and the bodies to be close and distant, to feel it and to stretch it. The stretching is a metaphoric action of the flexibility needed in a time of the afterglow of Covid in Israel. Moral decisions (about vaccination, re-openings, priorities of “system relevance”) are put like too tight pants on everyone not asking for individual differences and backgrounds. The individual is disappearing behind the bigger system which is barely allowing the elasticity. Stretching the nylon comes out like the demand for flexibility in terms of how to fit in at a time ofre-understanding what it means to live in a modern resilient city. The project elastiCity tries to be part of giving these questions input, focus, space and matter to develop.


Possible location:
all public spaces that where more or less abandoned (park areas, Tayelet etc.)

Ramona Pohn
Ramona Pohn
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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