An arched structure made out of pipes utilizing humidity into water to irrigate Ivy plants

During the pandemic I was struggling to find a shady spot in Neve Sha’anan, where I live.
Neve Sha’anan is a neglected neighborhood in south Tel Aviv lacking green spaces.
Although my ecosystem can maintain itself anywhere in Tel Aviv  it is vital for me to create the project specifically in the pedestrian street of Neve Sha’anan, Creating shade as an organic infrastructure of care.
Care can be understood as a relational ecosystem. Each part of the system relies on the other and thus all parts engage in a cycle of care for each other.

DESCRIPTION:An eco Sustainable Passageway is a sustainable ecosystem operating on solar energy, it is a structure of arches made of irrigation pipes. Ivy, a moisture-retaining climbing plant, will be planted on the copulas. Solar energy will operate a dehumidifier to accumulate water and a water pump to stream the water to the top of the structure. The plants will be irrigated while the water is dropping back down to the container at the lower level and will be pumped back up again and so on.
The structure will need two starting points at each side of the passageway with all the mechanics hidden in a box, which can also be used as a bench.

Materials and dimensions:
• 100m white pipe
• 2 units solar pole
• 2 units of water pump
• 2 units of dehumidifier
• 50m water pipes and droppers
• 2 wooden box with a lock
Ivy plants
Angle iron pegs
The pipes arches will be built in three different heights:
the highest: 4m hight 4m width,
3.5 height 4m width,
3m height 4m width.
To protect the roots from exposure to light, moving the plant will be done by myself and a team on a night of a full moon, while dark but still possible to see. The roots of the plant are sensitive to direct sunlight, which is why we’ll use the generative light of the full moon.
We will place the roots in protective wool which absorbs water.
To allow an easy connection of the plants to the pipes and the droppers, the pipes will lay flat on the floor until hoisting up.
For stability the construction will consist of two arches held in an X shape similar to an igloo tent. The legs will be fastened to the secured angle iron pegs at the base. At least 4 people will be required to construct.
Pairs of arches will be positioned together so that the middle pair will be the highest at 4 meters tall, decreasing on each side. This will allow the irrigation pipe to descend from the highest point all the way down and back up to the system.

Gala Weizman
Gala Weizman
Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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