A playful garden where people of all ages can enjoy a physical and intellectual game

The CIRCLES AND SQUARES playground turns the Israeli Conservatory of Music’s entrance into a playful garden where parents and their children can connect, move their bodies, and enjoy an intellectually challenging game.

Today, despite its lack of attractions, the Conservatory’s entrance already functions as a gathering place for families who are looking to escape the social-distancing routine and enjoy an urban outdoor experience. The CIRCLES AND SQUARES playground is a geometric maze built out of steel installation pipes, which will enrich the location with color and creativity, and will provide the families with an approachable gathering point.

The goal of the geometric maze is to move the shapes from point A to point B, while using coordination and creativity to overcome geometric obstacles. For it to be accessible to different maturity levels, the maze offers two types of lanes differentiated by their complexity, colors, and shapes. In total, the maze offers 4 lanes to allow kids to explore many combinations alongside their parents, in groups of up to 4.

The COVID-19 period motivated families to utilize their urban outdoor space, and by that emphasized the lack of possibilities for the residents of the Hazafon Hachadash neighborhood. The Circles and Squares playground proposes a plan to answer this growing demand, and empower families to be part of their common space, activate it and nurture it in times of both social-gathering and social distancing.

The strategy is to use a 26-meter long steel installation pipe, saw it into different lengths, connect the pieces through 90 degrees steel installation joints, and connect it to the ground using 8 base points.

The shapes will be made out of wood and will be tailor-made by a carpenter.

All pipes and shapes will be then colored in 4 different colors.

Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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