A scenography for social interaction:

The project cdau has started in 2019 as a collaboration of kollektiv BAER and Prenninger Gespräche e.V. Since then several „acts“ have been realised, including workshops and performances.

The pyramid structure is a symbol for the possibilities of usable space around us that communities are able to encounter. Like a shell, marking without setting boundaries, the installation gives an example of a legitimate and desired occupation. OCCUPYING – reconquering public space with caring acts by being present.
Caring acts are impulses that invite people to practice the attitude of the cdau and to use the space in one of many possible ways. Connecting an artistic act with the every-day-scenario of the public space searching for fulfilling the need of new productive and social encounters.

Es gibt nicht Gutes. Außer man tut es. (There is no such thing as good. Unless you do it.)

kollektiv BAER got inspired by a quote by Erich Kästner to position the cdau within the catalogue of possibilities. The structure will be set up to engage with the people around and to offer a stage for caring impulses. The installation is thought to be wandering – it can be easily dismantled and brought to different places.

The cdau does not primarily focus on offering street furniture. It is not the form that is caring, but what one doeswith | in | around it. The caring characteristic of the pyramid is the innumerable places of Vienna it can visit and activate by being present.

A continuous dialogue with artists, citizens and other agents is included into the idea of the cdau. For act #7 kollektiv BAER is inviting the artist Anne Reiter (http://annereiter.com) to manage, design and give form to the following act.

We are ready to act,
inviting people coming by,
pedestrians borrowing hands
to knit, to build, to weave together

forming, playing and creating that
multidimensional object

body and space
a caring exchange

List of materials we need for the act:
– a big, big net (“stramin“)
– left-over textiles, cut into pieces (recycling)
– plastic waste (in all colours)
– scissors, needles and other small tools

Due to low costs of realisation (predominantly using recycled materials and an already existing 5x5m pyramid structure), we would like to use the budget partly to support the acting artist financially. A caring infrastructure also means considering artists / “Kulturschaffende” as a relevant part of society.

kollektiv BAER
kollektiv BAER
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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