Bridging city interactions through playful dynamic tools as public furniture and playground.

The Balancer installation plays with the concept of “bridging” to create new and aware connections between people and the city in the era of social distancing.
The distinctive form of this installation becomes a twofold dynamic tool between public furniture and a playground, allowing people to move it, topple it over and interact with it. Placed on one side, it creates an intimate space where the participants have to crawl in, take a sit and lean while balancing toward each other. They can enjoy a secret moment, a hidden proximity between two people. Once it is flipped on the other side, the participants can sit at a distance from each other, facing opposite directions while enjoying new views of the sea and city. Yet they experience the installation together, trying to find a balance between each other using it as a swing. This action of balancing encourages people to reclaim the space of the city with a playful tool that fosters social interaction while signifying a conscious rediscovery of being together with others once again.

8 Balancer units will be strategically placed along the Tel Aviv beach promenade. The units will all have the same simple steel frame structure, cladded with plywood panels. They will measure 200cm x 90cm, and 170cm high.

Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
04 / 2021
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