Get out culture & art of white box type institutions, and insert it directly into the city’s life.

2020 was a year that forced us to re-think public space. For us, architects it is an opportunity to re-evaluate the role of the public sphere within the city’s life. As cultural institutions are mostly shut down for the duration of the pandemic, we must find new ways to inject its content into the city’s fabric. This is the purpose of our simple prototype that is feasible in various cities. We believe the pandemic has emphasized a potential that was always there; to get culture & art out of white box type institutions, and to insert it directly into the city’s life. By doing this we believe that museums can play a crucial role at re-branding derelict (among others) areas in city’s, interact with new crowds, and create new relationships between people and culture.We propose a series of 20/20 meters surfaces that are made by white fabric and act as temporary displays and in 2 phases:OUT: The surfaces are accompanied with a guard, lighting, and the museum logo. Curating these displays will determine where they be in the city, how they are inserted into a particular space as a site-specific event, and of course the actual art content on display. The surfaces & content will be on display for the duration of the exhibition and will invite passers by to interact with the installation.IN: The surfaces are carefully dismounted and carried back to the museum. They are re-constructed in the same way they were laid out in the city’s public space. The surfaces are now displaying the form of the public space as well as the traces left by walls, pavements, and visitors. A new space is created as a public space is now transformed from the streets into the museums attracting new appreciations, new crowds and new relationships between the city’s people and its cultural institutions.

Asaf Lerman
Asaf Lerman
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05 / 2021
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