“Art Box” is a transparent gallery or showcase windows filled with existing art works.

My intention was to create community-based social change with impact. The community of artists deserted and the plethora of commercial spaces abandoned in the wake of the pandemic acted as the catalyst for this idea to fill the gaps left by the Coronavirus, and even to create a new world in which art takes a more permanent place in public spaces, adorning them with inspiration for creativity.

The city that for moments becomes a museum tour, is a city with a grasp on economic change – a social city where walking creates meaning and discourse around interesting, disruptive topics that produce aesthetic resonance.  contemporary art , relevant, and perhaps even conceptual, which is usually not accessible to the public and its value is philosophical, inspiring and thought-provoking, creating connections between the worlds of science, medicine,history, and the like.

The light boxes or showcase windows filled with existing works by relevant artists, chosen based on the context/idea/location in which the art appears, are meant to suit any city.  The transparent gallery can be adapted to any location as a standard box with custom elements, or through the repurposing of existing spaces, which creates opportunities for business and property owners to rent their spaces to artists for a nominal amount so that both the art and the properties benefit from daily exposure via the double use of the commercial space.

The question of how to better define public spaces with an artistic orientation, and how to better use spaces in general, created an opportunity to rethink existing spaces in a simple and affordable way, and particularly public spaces as they gain momentum.the gallery made up of a 60cm transparent cube acting as a light box for art.stand that is made from aluminum/metal/wood and glass/polycarbonate Boxes can be placed in central public spaces throughout the city, such as Bialik Square, Gan Meir, Habima Square, Rotschild Boulevard, Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian walkway, and other urban places of historical, architectural, cultural, and literary value. the idea of viewing works of art in transparent boxes in the public gardens and parks where I walk with my young children could bring great joy.  something that would make us stop, look, think, and listen,It is also possible to install an application that connects to the box providing audio information about the work, such as a lectures or music chosen by the artist, via a QR code for example. thank you.

Lilach Shalom
Lilach Shalom
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03 / 2021
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