Public space around a tree, sensorial experience and sitting facilities, to reconnect with nature

The idea of the proposal started during pandemic times as it was required to stay in a radius of 1km from home. While the pandemic restriction obliges to stay in an urban environment, people start developing the need to connect with nature. The idea is to create spaces where city and nature come together, to be enjoyed as public space. AROUND THE TREE represents this connexion between public space and nature. In an urban context, we don’t need to go outside of the city to enjoy the nature; there are many trees in the city that we don’t even see, use, or enjoy. This proposal is a tribute to them.

This structure gives privacy and own personal space to everyone but also connects us to our quietness through the nature. It is a quiet and friendly place, where we can find ourselves. It is also a place for everyone, including children to enjoy and to learn about trees.
During pandemic times this proposal will be placed within the defined distance of movement and every neighbourhood will have their specific tree (different trunk, leaves, fruits...) The structure will also include information about the specific tree, as the children will learn about it and will be willing to discover the rest of the trees and proposals around the city.

This private, quiet, and isolated space can be used after the pandemic to also find the quiet within the city. AROUND THE TREE is a public space that is designed as a sensorial experience.

The project consists in a spiral staircase combined with wood benches, supported by a steel structure of columns and beams. The stairs are made by 12 steps of 60cm wide and 15cm high. The benches are 70cm wide and are created every two steps. The exterior and interior handrail is made by X-tend flexible mesh in light grey colour. The engineer calculations that have been made, allow the bench to be cantilevered from the stair structure. The columns are very thin 40mmx40mm and can be easily incorporated with the roots. All the pieces of the project will be prefabricated and will be assemble on site. The structure is modular, every step and every bench are the same size and material, in order to lower the construction and implementation costs.

Location of project
IL, Tel Aviv
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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