An experimental tool for greener and cooler Viennese streetscapes to make people smile!

The street is your extended home!
In times of limited urban movement during the pandemic, our closest proximity has gained new protagonism. It became evident that in Vienna’s dense inner-city districts access to private open spaces such as balconies, terraces, or gardens- is scarce.
We think in the resilient city of tomorrow, we have to focus on our neighborhoods: what do we want to encounter when we step out our door? How can we recreate and socially interact in our closest proximity?

A green garden for all citizens!
Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world. However, some districts are dominated by rough concrete, narrow sidewalks, and parked cars. Residents have long travel times to the next green area.
The classic street bench a big change: the simple act of sitting down, breathing fresh air, and observing the streetscape has become a new highlight. We need more greenery and furniture for recreation in our daily streetscapes!

Green for people's well being and lower temperatures !
We need green for the eye in our daily lives. According to various studies, it is essential for mental well-being to be surrounded by elements of nature - levels of depression and anxiety get lowered.

Home isolation made us sensitive to local microclimate. For Vienna, some researchers forecast summer temperatures in 2050 will be 7.6 degrees higher than in 1850. Every m2 of greenery helps lower local microclimate in dense urban neighborhoods.
We think in the city of tomorrow, ALL citizens should encounter pieces of nature in their street.

Collaborative streets
Our streetscapes are democratic spaces. Transformation of the public urban realm involves a variety of stakeholders with diverse opinions, interests, and necessities.
Top-down decisions in urban planning often result in conflict of interests.If these differences do not get resolved in dialogue - they result in protest and rejection.
We think in the city of tomorrow, citizens need an active voice in planning their streetscapes.

Tool for consensus
Wiener Grünzeug temporarily transforms one parking lot into a green space.
The device is prefabricated of corten steel and wood -  400 (W) x 200 (D) x 100/27 (H) cm. 8m2 Wiener Grünzeug is a tool to collaboratively think, design, and transform streets. It helps test new ideas temporarily and to make a consensus decision on future projects. People discuss, negotiate and elaborate a common vision for the resilient Vienna of tomorrow!

Tugyan Erturk, Tamara Egger
Tugyan Erturk, Tamara Egger
Location of project
AT, Vienna
Month/Year of project
05 / 2021
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